30th of April
Galatasaray High School:
Opening Informance
Hour: 10.00 - 11.00

Synopsis: The opening session of the International Jazz Day in Istanbul – The Director-General of UNESCO, Mrs. Irina Bokova, will speak to students from the high school with UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Herbie Hancock and other musicians, for an exchange of words and music.
Translation: Consecutive

Beyoglu Municipality’s Youth Center:

  • Vocal Workshop with Children with Hediye GUVEN
  • Vocal Workshop with Youth with Melis SOKMEN

Synopsis: Workshops with children, youth and adults will be held for them to explore improvisational vocal jazz. (Children – age 3-6, youth – age 13-17)
Language: Turkish Only
Artists’ info: tbc

  • Jazz Talks with (2 to 4) International Artists

Synopsis: A unique opportunity for the general public to listen to the artists and ask questions in an informal and open setting.
Translation: Consecutive
Artist info: tbc

  • My Life in Jazz

Lecturer:  T.S. Monk
Synopsis: A lecture on Thelonious Monk Jr’s life and upbringing in jazz, particularly growing up with his father Thelonious Monk and the jazz legends around him.
Translation: Simultaneous
Artist info: tbc

  • 2 Open-Air Concerts

BorBora Çeliker Trio and Okay Temiz and a percussion team consisting of young percussion students.Round Table on Jazz and Festivals (or business, carrier) with 3 or 4 european jazz festival directors

Hour: tbc
Synopsis: A panel discussion on the challenges that are faced working to promote jazz in the world, and how to establish global alliances to promote and foster jazz appreciation across the globe and across generations.

  • AP Journalist Charlie Gans’ Lecture on Dave Brubeck and Diplomacy

Borusan Music House:

  • Photo Exhibition by American Consulate “Jam Session America’s Jazz Ambassadors Embrace the World”
    Exhibition Info: (infos come from Consulate
  • Lecture on the History of Jazz :The First Hundred Years
    Lecturer: J.B. Dyas
    Synopsis: A Lecture on the history of jazz
    Translation: Simultaneous
  • Peer to Peer Master Class (TMIJ Master students and local Master students, from BAU Jazz School Certificate Program and Yildiz Teknik University’s conservatory
    Synopsis: A musical exchange between students from the U.S. and students from Turkey
  • Round Table on Jazz and Freedom
    Synopsis: A panel discussion moderated by Yavuz Baydar, an AP journalist and an international artist with international musicians, journalists and scholars on how jazz has impacted and inspired freedom movements all over the world.
    Translation: Simultaneous
    Info: tbc

Salon IKSV

  • Round Table on Women and Jazz
    Synopsis: A panel discussion moderated by Seda Binbaşgil, Selen Gülün and an international artist with international musicians, journalists and scholars on the historic role of women in jazz, how it has empowered women, and the current challenges for female artists today.
    Translation: Simultaneous

SALT Beyoglu
4 Film Screenings; Round Midnight, The House that Ahmet Buildt, Ahmet Ertegun Tribute concert of Montreux 2006, Jazz in Turkey documentary’s trailer’s preview.

Martı Otel

  • Art Exhibition of jazz singer Ayşegül Yeşilnil. Exhibition info: Yeşilnil’s exhibition is called Zen, featuring music instruments in an abstract way.
  • A concert of Ayşegül Yeşilnil

Fringe Events:

27th of April / 28th of April / 29th of April / 30th of April

Jazz Workshop at Bahcesehir University
Location: Bahcesehir University Karakoy Campus The workshop will be held open to the public at BAUart Jazz Conservatory of Bahcesehir University, the only jazz school in Turkey.

29th of April
Lecture – Workshop : Modern Music in 21st Century with Aydin Esen
Venue: Akbank Sanat
Aydın Esen is one of the most important jazz pianists in Turkey. He started to play piano at the age of 2. He finished Berklee in one year instead of the standart four years, and was awarded a special Artist's Diploma for his achievements in modern music and jazz. He also attended the New England Conservatory of Music and completed his Master's Degree there.
Since mid 1980's Esen has been performing, recording and touring with musicians such as Miroslav Vitous, Woody Shaw, Randy K., Vinnie Colaiuta, Pat Metheny, Roy Haynes, Anthony Jackson, Steve Smith, Baron Browne, Frank Gambale, Kai Eckhardt, Peter Herbert, Dave Liebman, Peter Erskine, Tiger Okoshi, Gary Burton, Daniel Humair, George Garzone, Mino Cinelu, Michel Portal, Trilok Gurtu and countless others from the contemporary music scene around the globe. His album "Trio" with Eddie Gomez and Marcello Pelitteri received international recognition in 1985.
Aydın Esen will share his experience as an acclaimed jazz pianist while answering questions, sharing some of his wisdom and advising  the young talents.

30th of April
Akbank Sanat Cafe “Youth Concert” with Olgun Açar Quartet
Venue: Akbank Sanat Cafe
Olgun Açar is a young talented drummer of local jazz scene. He took part in important festivals and awarded various times. He will play with other young and successful musicians: TamerTemel, Volkan Polat, Volkan Topakoğlu and Jef Giansily.

Tuluğ Tırpan Trio
Venue:Akbank Sanat
A vey bright jazz and classical music pianist Tuluğ Tırpan, known with his unique emporvisations, is performing with his trio, consisting of Ediz Hafızoglu on drums and Volkan Hürsever on doublebass.

Cenk Erdoğan Trio
Venue: Alt Caz Club
Born in Istanbul in 1979, Cenk Erdoğan studied guitar techniques and expression styles, and elaborated on jazz composition and arrangement techniques, graduated as the top student. He played at various jazz clubs with his band On Cue which he formed in 2000. In October 2004, upon the invitation of David “Fuze” Fiuczynski, he held a workshop at the Berklee College of Music on fretless guitar and modes in Turkish music. In 2008 he recorded his first album “İle”. Played with various musicians such as Trilok Gurtu, Dominique Di Piazza, Dave Weckl, Erci Levy, Kai Eckhardt, Göksel Baktagir and Nedim Nalbantoğlu. In 2011, he recorded his second album with bassist Kai Eckhadt and Jason Lewis. Cenk Erdogan will share the stage with Özgür Salıcı on bass and Korhan Ogan on drums.

Percussion Workshop with Okay Temiz
Location:Okay Temiz’s Studio at Galata
Hour: tbc
Info: Okay Temiz is the most important and innovative percussion player of Turkey.

Kanyon Concert
Location:Kanyon AVM
Kanyon (a big culture and lifestyle center / mall which programmes jazz concerts on Sundays) is programming a jazz concert with Turkish All Stars musicians.

Open Live-to-Multitrack Jazz Recording Session
Location: Babajim Studios
Hour: 11.00 – 13.00
Babajim Studios, one of the Turkey’s best jazz recording studios is making a workshop. During setup Babajim's chief engineer Alp Turaç will guide participants through Babajim's recording and control rooms, explaining important principles of microphone technique, room acoustics and instrument position, and live monitor mixing. After this they can listen in on a thirty-minute recording session directly from the control room with the engineer, or from headphone stations in the live room close to the musicians.


Garanti Jazz Green Concerts:

Ilhan Ersahin’s Istanbul Sessions feat. Erik Truffaz
Venue: Nublu
Hour: 23.00
Istanbul Sessions is a unit consisting of 4 versatile musicians: Ilhan Ersahin, Alp Ersonmez, Turgut Bekoglu and Izzet Kizil. Ersahin was born and raised in Sweden, and for  a long time now has been living in NYC where he founded Nublu, the club and record label. Having a Turkish father and always having strong ties to Istanbul, Istanbul Sessions was conceived as a very organic project. The concept of the band is a combination of Ilhan's NYC/Nublu sound mixed with the sounds and spirits of young Istanbul. It’s a band that mixes Turkish scales, clubby beats and jazz improvisations. Erik Truffaz is a recurrent guest of Istanbul Sessions Project.

Nicola Conte Combo feat. Anıl Şallıel, Aycan Teztel, Ferhat Öz, Şenova Ülker
Venue: Ghetto
A very special get together will take place at Ghetto .Nicola Conte, who will mainly be playing from his latest album Love & Revolution  inspired by afro-latin jazz and soul music of the 60s as well as bossa nova that he has  a true passion for, will be accompanied by very special names from Turkey.
The guest musicians of the event are; young but highly impressive jazz singer Ferhat Öz, Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra Trumpet Group Chief Şenova Ulker who touches you deep inside with the velvety notes spread from his flugelhorn and his mastery in playing,  Istanbul Superband founder and chief, Istanbul University State Conservatory lecturer Aycan Teztel and one of the most exciting talents of the younger generation, saxophonist Anıl Şallıel who is only 19 years old will join Nicola Conte Combo on some songs. At the end of the concert all musicians will be on stage for a jam session with the participation many more surprise names.

Floex // Big Beats Big Times Vol.2
Venue: Babylon
Hour: 21.30
Floex, or known by his own name Tomas Dvorak, and Big Beats Big Times Vol.2 will be on the Babylon stage within the scope of Garanti Caz Yesili concerts, on 30th of April, World Jazz Day.Tomas Dvorak is a versatile musician who plays the clarinet, and who also composes his own music, where he blends his background in the best way possible. Zorya, his last album which came out under his project Floex, is an experimental and original album where he brings together down-tempo and influences of jazz. Big Beats Big Times led by Berke Can Ozcan will be performing a special improvisation on Babylon Stage, in honor of the World Jazz Day.

Hommage to Duke Ellington with Turkish All Stars
Venue: Salon IKSV
Hour: 21.30
Prominent musicians of the Istanbul jazz music scene pay tribute to legends of jazz.  It all started in 2011. Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, and Nina Simone tribute nights were held in its first year. In 2012, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, and Antonio Carlos Jobim were paid tribute. Started with Cole Porter and George Gershwin tribute nights in collaboration with NU-DC, 2013 ends with the Duke Ellington night. Ece Göksu, Şenay Lambaoğlu, Sezgi Olgaç, Sibel Gürsoy and Elif Çağlar will be on vocals, Uraz Kıvaner on piano, Şenova Ülker on trumpet, Volkan Hürsever on double bass, and Ediz Hafızoğlu on drums.Vedat Özdemiroğlu will be hosting the event.

Burak Bedikyan Band
Venue: Nardis Jazz Club
Hour: 21.30
Burak Bedikyan is regarded as one of the best equipped pianists of his generation by many contemporary Turkish jazz masters such as Aydın Esen, Tuna Ötenel, Kerem Görsev and Önder Focan. Bedikyan, who has been part of the Nardis stage at countless prestigious concerts since the club’s establishment has also been performing at various local and global clubs and festivals for the past 10 years. He is keenly sought as a “sideman” by many European and American musicians’ for their club performances in Istanbul. Bedikyan has a considerable command of a whole array of styles and is also admired for his melodiousness and very personal aesthetic performances.