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November - December 2012

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  From the Executive Secretary 

The Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO is pleased to launch this issue of its Information Note. We hope that this initiative will give Members States and all our stakeholders a better view of our activities. We would welcome suggestions and feed-back so as to better communicate with you. Feel free to invite your colleagues to subscribe!

        Wendy Watson-Wright


Ocean Fertilization: 'We cannot afford to gamble with the ocean'
Following news of a largescale ocean fertilization experiment carried out in july 2012, IOC issued a statement and Wendy Watson-Wright, Executive Secretary of the IOC, participated in a Q&A on the issue.


United Nations Biodiversity Conference mobilises resources for biodiversity protection
Marine areas are to receive special attention by governments as part of renewed efforts to meet the Aichi Biodiversity Target 11 of ensuring that 10% of marine areas are protected by 2020. The Outcome Document mentions IOC and in particular the Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS) in paragraph 16 on information-sharing mecanisms.

Perth Regional Programme Office (PRPO) hosts Indian Ocean GOOS Meetings
The PRPO hosted the 9th Meeting of the Indian Ocean Global Ocean Observing System (IOGOOS) and three of its associated sub-entities (IOP, SIBER and IRF) in Cape Town, South Africa between 15-20 October 2012. The meetings set a proactive forward agenda for ongoing collaboration and facilitation for operational oceanography in the Indian Ocean.

Understanding the 'other CO2 problem'
Ocean acidification experts expressed increasing concerns with how marine organisms will adapt to new 'corrosive' conditions during the Third Ocean in a High CO2 World Symposium.


Scientists in the Western Pacific Explore Best Practices on coral reef restoration techniques
Regional scientists gathered in Thailand to share their coral reef restoration techniques which have been applied to mitigate the ever worst consequence of the region- wide coral bleaching in 2010.

  More news      Documents and publications 

North Atlantic and Mediterrenean tsunami warning system put to the test

IOC Training Course and Identification Qualification in Harmful Marine Microalgae 2013: open for applications

Development of maritime territories and biodiversity

Ocean experts attempted to assess marine environment of South China Sea

Ocean life: the marine Age of Discovery 

Ocean acidification impacts on fisheries and aquaculture economics and industries

The Caribbean Large Marine Ecosystem project launches new Information Management System

MarCuba: Marine and coastal sciences at the service of society

Coastline erosion due to rise in sea level greater than previously thought

Oceans Compact

An initiative to strengthen UN system-wide response on its oceans-related mandates

Virtual Library: Educational Materials for Tsunami Preparedness (in Spanish)
- More information

Manual on Sea Level Measurement and Interpretation (Vol IV) now available in Arabic (pdf, in Arabic)

The Global Sea Level Observing System: Implementation Plan 2012 (pdf)  

Using Submarine Cables for Climate Monitoring and Disaster Warning:
- Strategy and Roadmap (pdf)
- Opportunities and Legal Challenges (pdf)
- Engineering Feasibility Study (pdf)

  Upcoming events  

10th Advanced Phytoplankton Course: Taxonomy and Systematics
Copenhagen, Denmark, 12-30 November 2012

International Coastal Atlas Network (ICAN): Meeting of European and African participants
Oostende, Belgium, 26 November 2012

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