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  • > Proposal for a UNESCO Sustainable Energy Development Centre in Moscow (176 EX/17) - Updated: 27-04-2007 1:48 pm
    An official proposal for the establishment of the “Sustainable Energy Development Centre” in Moscow, Russian Federation, under the auspices of UNESCO was submitted to the 176th session of the Executive Board (Paris, 11 – 26 April 2007) by the Permanent Delegation of the Russian Federation to UNESCO. A UNESCO mission was undertaken to the Russian Federation in December 2006 in order to assess the feasibility of establishing the proposed Centre.


    Energy issues are high on the agenda of the international community and the United Nations system. Addressing access to energy and ensuring the reliability of global energy supplies resulted in a renewed focus on energy as reflected by the priority given to it in the CSD-14 and CSD-15, as well as by the recent G8 Summit held in July 2006 in Saint Petersburg, thus ensuring that the topic remains in high profile. Furthermore, in its deliberations, the Review Committee for UNESCO’s Major Programmes II and III has laid strong emphasis on the role of energy as a key factor for sustainable development and poverty reduction and has recommended that, in particular, UNESCO strengthen its institutional and human capacity-building activities where its comparative advantage lies.

    In response to an initial proposal made by the Russian Federation to establish a “Sustainable Energy Development Centre” in the Russian Federation as a category 2 centre placed under the auspices of UNESCO, a Memorandum of Intention (MoI) was signed by the Director-General of UNESCO and the Minister for Industry and Energy of the Russian Federation in July 2006.  


    The attached document 176 EX/17 is the report by the Director-General assessing the feasibility of the proposal. Its annex contains the proposed draft agreement between UNESCO and the Government of the Russian Federation to establish the Centre.


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