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Space for Heritage

News & Events - 2007 

The German Aerospace Center joins the ‘Open Initiative’

14th November 2007

An important moment for the ESA-UNESCO “Open Initiative on the use of space technologies to support the World Heritage Convention” when the German Aerospace Center Centre (DLR) and UNESCO formally signed the mutual agreement for a partnership.

DLR and UNESCO had already been working jointly on the use of space technologies for archaeological applications.

DLR brings a tremendous expertise in space technologies. In particular, the most recent DLR satellite TerraSAR- X.

TerraSAR-X is the first German Public-Private Partnership (PPP) satellite - jointly realised by DLR and EADS Astrium. EADS Astrium has taken on the costs of development, building and employment of the satellite. Infoterra GmbH, a subsidiary of the EADS Astrium, is responsible for the commercial marketing.

Operating the mission involves four institutes alongside the space agency of DLR. DLR covers the entire range of necessary technologies from the setting up of TerraSAR-X's mission control to the processing and the use of the data for scientific purposes:

TerraSAR-X will significantly assist UNESCO World Heritage sites.

The UNESCO Open Initiative being shown to the General Conference

16th  October 2007

The exhibition highlights UNESCO’s activities in connection with sustainable development and climate change. It shows how the natural, social and human sciences, culture, education, communication and information work together towards a common goal. It is structured around five themes: the Earth System, the Dynamic Earth, the Diverse Earth, the Changing Earth and Sustaining the Earth.

The European Space Agency is part of the exhibition showing at the ‘Foyer des Conferences’ satellite images of earth, atmosphere, ice and oceans. In addition ESA will be showing the ESA-UNESCO ‘Open Initiative: from Space to Place’ activities done for UNESCO to assist World Heritage sites.

For further information:

Ms. Anne Candau (for the overall coordination of the exhibition)

Mr. Mario Hernandez for the ‘Open Initiative’ section

The ‘Open Initiative: From space to Place’ at the International Astronautical Congress at Hyderabad

24th September 2007, India

The 58th International Astronautical Congress (IAC 2007) opens today in Hyderabad, India. This annual congress, one of the major space events of the year, brings together some 2000 international specialists, industry representatives and world leaders in the field.

It provides a crossroad uniting the world’s space agencies, astronautics institutes, aerospace scientific associations and firms involved in space activities.

UNESCO will be present to have a special session with the heads of space agencies, to meet with the UN World Meteorological Organization and to be present on a highlight event about “Space in the UN the last 50 years and the next 50 years ahead”.