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Space for Heritage

Current activities 

Satellites are able to cover vast natural sites that often span national boundaries and remain difficult to survey on the ground.
The high-resolution satellite imagery available provides a powerful conservation tool for cultural sites for detecting changes to a site and its surroundings.
The information strengthens site managers' daily conservation efforts.

Projects in Africa

  • Satellite Imagery to Develop a Decision Support System for Conservation of DRC World Heritage Sites

  • Deriving from Satellite Images a Decision Support Tool for Gorilla Conservation in Central Africa


Projects in Arab States

  • Satellite Imagery to Observe and Safeguard Archaeology in Iraq

Projects in Asia / Pacific

  • Inventory and Preservation of Frozen Tombs in Altaï Mountains

Projects in Latin America

  • Biodiversity Conservation of World Heritage Parks of Iguazu and Iguaçu

  • Decision Support System for Archaeological Sites in Guatemala

  • Using Remote Sensing to Provide an Effective Management Tool for Machu Picchu

  • Space Technologies to Assist Mesoamerica with the Biological Corridor


CASPAR Project

  • ESA and UNESCO will work with a large-scale European Commission project called CASPAR.



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