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DAY 4 - TUESDAY 29 JUNE 1999


Forum III consists of a single plenary debate involving all stakeholders in science. It will concern commitment: the commitment to science by governments, policy-makers, international organizations and the private sector; and commitment towards society on the part of the scientific community. The Forum will review and subject to amendment two principal documents of the Conference - the Declaration on Science and the Use of Scientific Knowledge and the Science Agenda - Framework for Action - bearing in mind the outcome of Forums I and II and the findings and recommendations of various associated meetings.


9.30 - 12.30

Plenary Session

Introductory presentation on the role of the Forum III, synthetic summary of major preparatory meetings, and on the documents to be endorsed by the Conference.
Secretary General of WCS

Review of major outcome and messages of Forum I.
Chairperson of the group of rapporteurs of Forum I

Review of major of major outcome and messages of Forum II
Chairperson of the group of rapporteurs of Forum II

Plenary Debate

Plenary presentations by participants of the Conference, 6 minutes each.
Presentations will be made by:
- representatives of national delegations and/or groups of delegations;
- representatives of delegations of UN agencies;
- selected representatives of IGOs, NGOs, private foundations, industrial enterprises and mass media establishments.


14.30 - 17.30

Plenary Session

Plenary Debate (cont.)

Presentations by participants of the Conference

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