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Meeting of Ministers and
Senior Officials Responsible for

Science Policy in Central and
Eastern European Countries (CEEC)
Budapest (Hungary), 29 June 1999

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Liste of participants
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Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC)    Back to contents

ALBANIA (+355-42)

Prof. Agim Minxhozi,
Director-General, Directorate of Scientific Research
Ministry of Education and Science
23 Durresi str.
phone /fax 40.468

Prof. Sefedin Xhemalce
Secretary- General of the National Commission for UNESCO
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
6 Zhan d’Ark Bld
phone 64.090(ext.176), fax 62.085

ARMENIA (+374-2)

Prof. Vladimir Aroutiounian,
Member of the Armenian Academy of Sciences
Yerevan State University
1 Manoukian Str.
Yerevan 375049
phone 55.55.90, fax 15.10.87

AZERBAIJAN (+994-12)

Prof. Faramaz Macsudov, President
Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences
10 Istiglal Ave
370001 Baku
phone 92.35.29; fax 92.56.99

Mr Arif Mamed-zadeh,
Director-General, State Committee of Science and Technology
24 Samed Vurgun str
370000 Baku
phone /fax 97.08.81

BELARUS (+375-17)

Prof. Alexander Voitovich,
National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
66 Skaryna Ave 220072 Minsk
phone 232.21.23; fax 239.31.63

Mr Vladimir Nedilko, Deputy-Chair
State Committee of Science and Technology
1 Akademicheskaya Str.
220 030 Minsk
phone 284.15.54, fax 210.01.46


Mr Musan Agovic, Consul
Embassy of Bosnia &Herzegovina in Budapest
48 Pasareti ut.
H-1026 Budapest
phone +361-212.01.06, fax +361- 212.01.09

BULGARIA (+359-2)

Prof. Christo Balarev, Deputy Minister of Education and Science
Ministry of Education and Science
2a boulevard Kniaz Dondukov
1000 Sofia
phone 988.15.05, fax 981.21.82

Prof. Naoum Yakimov, Secretary-General,
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
1 15 November Str.
1040 Sofia
phone 987.70.87, fax 981.66.29

CROATIA (+385-1)

H.E. Prof. Milena Zic-Fuchs
Ministry of Science and Technology,
4 Strossmayerov trg
1000 Zagreb
phone 459.44.44 , fax 459.44.69

Prof. Milan Mogus, Vice-President,
Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts
6 Burze trg / phone 455.67.51, fax 455.65.10
1000 Zagreb


Prof. Jan Motlik
Academic Council
Czech Academy of Sciences
227 21 Libechov
phone 420., fax 420.

Mr Petr Krenek, Director-General
Section of International Cooperation in Research and Development
Ministry of Education

ESTONIA (+ 372-6)

Prof. Juri Engelbrecht, President
Estonian Academy of Sciences
6 Kohtu
10130 Tallinn
phone 44.21.29, fax 45.18.05

Mr Peep Ratas
Secretary General
Ministry of Education
9-11 Tomismagi
10 130 Tallinn
phone 28.12.11, fax 28.13.00

GEORGIA (+ 995-32)

H.E.Prof. Vladimer Papava
Ministry of Finance
12 Chanturia Str. 380 008 Tbilisi
phone 93.33.61, fax 93.15.35

Prof. Guvi Sanadze
Georgian Academy of Sciences
52 Rustaveli Ave, Tbilisi
phone 99.94.22

HUNGARY (+361)

Prof. Laszlo Kevicky
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Roosevelt sq. 9
H-1051 Budapest
phone 331.43.79, fax 302.48.08

Mr Adam Török
National Office for Technological Development
8 ServitaSq.
H-1052 Budapest
phone 318.42.47, fax 266.08.00

LATVIA (+371-7)

H.E.Prof. Tatjana Koke
Ministry of Education and Science
2 Valnu iela
1050 Riga
phone 23.63.88, fax 21.39.92

H.E. Aina Nagobads-Abols
Permanent Delegate of Latvia to UNESCO
6 Villa Said
75116 Paris, France
phone +331-, fax +331-

LITHUANIA (+370-2)

Prof. Rimantas Slizys, Deputy-Minister,
Ministry of Education and Science
9 Zigimantis
2600 Vilnus
phone 22.22.69, fax 31.22.95

Prof. Benediktas Juodka
Lithuanian Academy of Sciences
3 Universiteto
2734 Vilnus
phone 61.36.51, fax 61.84.64

H.E. Mme Ugne Karvelis
Permanent Delegate of Lithuania to UNESCO
1, rue Miollis
75015 Paris
phone +331-, fax +331-


H.E. Dr Mirie Rushani, Minister
Ministry of Science
Ilindenska bb
91000 Skopje
phone 12.84.37, fax 12.84.46

MOLDOVA (REPUBLIC of) (+373-2)

H.E. Prof. Anatol Gremalshi
Ministry of Education and Science
1 Piata Marii Adunari Nationale
2033 Chisinau
phone 23.33.48., fax 23.34.74

Prof. Gheorghe Postica,
International Free University of Moldova
52Vlaicu Pricalab Str.
2012 Chisinau
phone 21.24.02, fax 24.25.75

POLAND (+ 48-22)

Dr Jan-Krzystof Frackowiak
Under-Secretary of State,
State Committee for Scientific Research (KBN)
1/3 Wspolna
00 529 Warsaw
phone /fax 621.75.57

Prof. Miroslaw Mossakowski
Polish Academy of Sciences
Palace of Culture, Room 26-02 00 901 Warsaw
phone 620.33.53, fax 620.49.10

ROMANIA (+40-1)

Prof. Ionel Haiduc, Vice-President,
Romanian Academy of Sciences
125 Calea Victoriei
R- 71102 Bucharest
phone 659.47.89, fax 211.66.08

Prof. Mihai Korka, State Secretary,
Ministry of Education
28-30 Berthelot Str. R- 70000 Bucharest
phone 312.66.69, fax 312.48.77

Mrs Dana Violeta Gheorghe, Director- General,
National Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation
21-25 Mendeleev Str.
phone, fax 650.06.90


H.E. Prof. Michail Kirpichnikov, Minister,
Ministry of Science and Technologies
11 Tverskaya Str. 103 905 Moscow
phone 229.94.23, fax 921.54.74

Prof. Vladimir Fortov, Vice-President,
Russian Academy of Sciences
9 Vozdvizhenka
121 200 Moscow
phone 2990.08.53, fax 202.10.83

SLOVAKIA (+421-7)

H.E.Dr Milan Ftacnik, Minister,
Ministry of Education
1 Stromova 83101 Bratislava
phone, fax

Prof. Stefan Luby, President,
Slovak Academy of Sciences
49 Stefanikova
814 38 Bratislava
phone 32.61.31, fax 39.56.89

SLOVENIA (+386-61)

Mrs Zofia Klemen-Krek, State Secretary,
Secretary-General of Slovenian National Commission for UNESCO
50 Tivolska
phone 175.70.52, fax 31.98.80

TURKEY (+ 90-312)

H.E.Mr Metin Göker
Director General,
Department for Cultural Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Disikleri Bakanligi, 12 Anit cad
phone 212.89.30, fax 212.76.48

UKRAINE (+380-44)

Prof. Boris Paton, President, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences
54 Volodymirskaya Str.
252601 Kiev
phone 226.23.47, fax 224.32.43

Mr Boris Grin’ov, Deputy-President,
State Committee of Science and Intellectual Property
16 Blvd T.Shevchenko/ phone 246.38.32, fax 246.38.96
252030 Kiev

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GREECE (+30-1)

Dr Eustratios Karabateas, Director
Department of International Organizations
Ministry of Development
14-18 Messogion Str.
11510 Athens
phone 771.42.40, fax 771.41.53

ISRAËL (+ 972-2)

Dr Mordehai Bishari, Director-General,
Ministry of Science
Government Offices, Building 3
Hakirya Hamizrahit, P.O.B.18195
Jerusalem 91 181
phone 541.11.09, fax 541.11.10

Mrs Frieda Soffer, Senior Deputy Director General,
Ministry of Science
Government Offices, Building 3

Hakirya Hamizrahit, P.O.B.18195
Jerusalem 91 181

H.E. Arye H.Gabay, Ambassador,
Consulat Général d’Israel
146, rue Paradis
13006 Marseille, France
European Union   Back to contents
AUSTRIA (+43-1)

DrRaoul Kneucker, Director-General
Scientific Research and Inrenational Affairs,
Ministry of Science and Transport
Rosengasse 4-6
A-1230 Vienna
phone, fax

FINLAND (+358-9)

Dr Matti Lähdeoja, Director, Science Policy Unit,
Ministry of Education, Science and Culture
P.O.B. 293
phone, fax 65.67.65

GERMANY (+ 49-228)

Mr Wolf-Michael Catenhusen, Parliamentary Secretary
Federal Ministry of Education and Research
2 Heineman Str.
phone 57.30.00, fax 57.36.07

Prof. Hubert Markl, President,
Max Planck Society

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European Commission

Prof. Jorma Routti, Director-General
Directorate XII - Science, Research and Development
Rue de la Loi 200, B-1049 Bruxelles
phone +32-2-296.06.87, fax ++ 295.76.29

Mr Alessandro Damiani, Head of Unit,
Rue de la Loi 200,B-1049 Bruxelles
phone +32-2-295.76.61, fax ++ 295.60.33

Prof. James Dooge, Former President
51,Bld de Montmorency, 75016 Paris, France
phone +331
fax +331
University College, Ecolsfort Terrace
Dublin 2, Ireland
phone +353 1 706.7499
fax +353 1 706.7399

Prof. Albert Fischli
Pharmaceutical Industries
Im Wenkelberg 20
CH-4125 Basel

UNESCO Office in Venice (ROSTE)
Prof. Pierre Lasserre, Director
Prof. Vladimir Kouzminov, Deputy-Director
16/A Dorsoduro
Venice, Italy
phone +41-522.55.35
fax +41-528.99.95

Coordinator and Rapporteur of the Meeting

Dr Siméon Anguelov, Former Ambassador of Bulgaria to France and UNESCO
79, Quai André Citroen,Tour "Orphée" appt.257
Paris 75015, France
phone / fax +331.

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