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The Declaration on Science and the Use of Scientific Knowledge and the Science-Agenda Framework for Action    are the two official documents that will be put to the consideration of the Conference delegates in Budapest. The present preliminary versions of these documents have been elaborated by the WCS Secretariat and circulated for consultation.

The revised draft Declaration has been prepared taking into account the pertinent comments and suggestions from UNESCO Member States, members of ICSU and other international governmental and non-governmental bodies, as well as a wide selection of internationally renowned scientists and other experts.

The drafting of the Framework has benefited from the responses received to the draft Declaration and from the outcomes of many associated events that have taken place during the preparation process of the WCS. This document develops the principles of the Declaration, with the purpose of establishing a strategy aimed at encouraging partnerships in science, as well as a better use of science in response to basic human and social needs, socio-economic development and an equitable and durable management of the environment.

The two documents are still under revision from the Conference partners. We consider it important, however, that a wider audience has access to these texts, including the many people who unfortunately do not have the opportunity to participate in any of the activities related to the WCS. Within this context, you are kindly invited to read the texts and send your comments and suggestions to the e-mail address noted below, before 14 May. Your response will be very valuable for us.

In making your suggestions, please specify the section and paragraph and be as concise as possible. The two texts will be revised on the basis of the commentaries received. All suggestions will be carefully considered, and every effort will be made to take into consideration as many pertinent suggestions as possible, in a coherent form, for the benefit of the final versions of the documents.

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