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rond_orange.gif (184 octets)    INTERNATIONAL PARTNERSHIP

The Unit of International Partnership in Science (SC/IPS)
is the focal point for a number of generic activities

within UNESCO's Natural Sciences Sector.
The websites grouped under the IPS umbrella
are a reflection of all these activities. 

rond_orange.gif (184 octets)   Science Sector Websites
rond_orange.gif (184 octets)   Science and Education
rond_orange.gif (184 octets)   Ethics of Scientific Knowledge and Technology
rond_orange.gif (184 octets)   World Conference on Science rond_orange.gif (184 octets)   International Forum of Young Scientists
rond_orange.gif (184 octets)   Gender, Science, Technology
Femmes, science, technologie
(en franšais seulement- English in preparation)
rond_orange.gif (184 octets)   UNESCO Office of  Public Information
Press Kit  (English French)
rond_orange.gif (184 octets)   World Science Report rond_orange.gif (184 octets)   Press Releases  (English French)
rond_orange.gif (184 octets)   Science Publishing rond_orange.gif (184 octets)   GVN Media Campaign on WCS
rond_orange.gif (184 octets)   Science Prizes rond_orange.gif (184 octets)   GVN Media Campaign on WCS

Version franšaise

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