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Sunday 27 June 1999 from 09.30 to 13.00
Monday 28 June 1999 from 09.30 to 13.00

Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Roosevelt tér 9


-to formulate NGO Collective Recommendations to be submitted to the Conference. These Recommendations will be taken into consideration during discussions on the draft Declaration on Science and the Use of Scientific Knowledge and the draft Science Agenda - Framework for Action.

-in particular, to integrate into the recommendations the results of joint consultations and other meetings organized within the framework of preparations for the World Conference on Science.


27 June
09.30 Opening by Federico Mayor, Director-General of UNESCO
09.45 Opening remarks by representatives of UNESCO and ICSU
Introductory presentations by representatives of ISSC and TWAS
10.15 Designation of Moderator and Rapporteur and adoption of Programme
10.20 Open discussion on the principal documents of the World Conference on Science
Establishment of Drafting Group and adjournment
28 June
09.30 Presentation of report by Rapporteur
09.45 Examination and adoption of draft recommendations
12.15 Close

Preparatory Committee:

NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee
International Social Science Council
International Council for Philosophy and Humanistic Studies
Third World Academy of Sciences
World Federation of Scientific Workers


All NGOs invited to the World Conference on Science can, if they so wish, take part in the International Consultation. Registration can be effected at the WCS Registration Desk.

Proposals and recommendations

NGOs are encouraged to submit their proposals and recommendations in advance, addressing them to André Jaeglé, Member of the Preparatory Committee at:

Fax: (33) 1 48 18 80 03
e-mail: fmts@wanadoo.fr or AndreJaegle@compuserve.com

Documents available

-Women and Science Manifesto of the NGO-UNESCO Collective Consultation "Women, Girls and Sexual Equality" (French and English).
-Towards a scientific ethic in the face of globalization Appeal of the World Federation of Scientific Workers (French and English).
-Ethics and Scientific Responsibility of Science WCS background paper issued by the ICSU Standing Committee on Responsibility and Ethics in Science (SCRES) (English only).
-Contribution to the World Conference on Science Education International.


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