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Address delivered during FORUM III

by Boris Paton
Academician, President of the Academy of Sciences
President of the International Associations of Academies of Science

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First of all, I would like to point out the importance of organizing the World Conference on Science. I think that this forum is extremely useful for the widening and deepening of the international cooperation in the scientific sphere, which has always been an important factor for intensification of the cooperation between states and peoples.

At the same time, integration of scientists from different countries is a key stimulating factor for the development of science. Science itself is international and nowadays there are no big-scale projects that can be successfully developed without international cooperation.

This point is of great importance for the newly independent states, that emerged after the disintegration of the Soviet Union. I, as President of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, can declare that scientists from these countries are extremely interested in creation of the joint scientific area.

That is why the International Association of the Academies of Sciences (IAAS) was established about 6 years ago in Kyiv. It is made up of National Academies of Sciences from 15 countries of Europe and Asia. This organization has become a really effective mechanism for regional cooperation.

It has a status of international non-governmental organization (NGO) and this helps it a lot. The Association does not provide any form of general management of the scientific work in the member states. It is just an advisory body. The main field of activities of the IAAS is encouragement of the historically … ? ? ?ndash; established scientific relations, training of experts, free scientific information exchange, co-operation within the framework of fundamental research projects.

The main amount of work of the IAAS is carried out by the scientific boards and comities in different fields of research. These bodies were created in different countries in the leading scientific centers.

An important field of activities of the IAAS is organization of the big international forums. So, in October 1998, IAAS organized an international conference …. ?ldquo; the transformation of scientific systems in economies in transition and the role of science in the changing society ? ? ?” the Conference took place in Kyiv. Some 170 scientists from 10 countries of Europe and Asia participated. This forum was associated with the World Conference on Science.

Since 1996 the Assosiation has supported annual seminars on international property rights, organized in Kyiv by the World Intellectual Property Organization. These seminar are extremely important for the scientists from CIS and traditionally attract great attention.

Another big problem all the countries of the former USSR face is the fact, that many young talented scientists are leaving scientific work. This issue also needs joint consideration and the Association pays a lot of attention to it. Annually the IAAS and the National Academy of Sciences give grants to young scientists for their participation in international conferences, joint projects with scientists from other countries on the unique equipment, scientific publications. We plan to discuss the issue of support for young scientists at the next meeting of the Board of the Association.

I would like to point out one more important aspect of the regional integration of the scientific community. I mean not only solving scientific problems, but also authoritative influence on the science and technology policy of countries. In this connection I would like to mention that during the years of its work the IAAS has established a constructive dialogue with the governmental structures of the CIS ? ? ndash; members states. It has initiated and made a contribution to the creation of the joint scientific area of the CIS ? ? ?– member states, - in 1995 an Agreement on creation of the joint scientific and technological area was signed by the heads of the CIS states. In general, the Association aims to establish in society a more favourable and respectful attitude to fundamental science and to the National Academies of Sciences.

IAAS as a regional organization is looking for permanent contacts with other authoritative international organizations. The Association has contacts with the European Academy, International Council for Science, Third World Academy of Sciences. Development of these relations we consider to be important not only for the IAAS, but also for the forming of closer integration in the global scientific community.

We are also interested in closer co-operation with UNESCO. We suppose that inclusion of the IAAS to the ? ? ?“consultative” category of the official relations would help us with this. We would like to ask UNESKO to consider this proposal.

We are going to discuss the result of the World Conference on Science at the next meeting of the Board of the IAAS. Active assistance to the establishment of a new interrelation between science and society is considered by the Association to be one of the basic fields of its activities.


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