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Women, Science and Technology for
Sustainable Human Development

Capetown, South Africa, 8-11 February 1999

Third World Organization For Women in Science (TWOWS)
Second General Assembly and International Conference



We, participants in the TWOWS Second General Assembly and International Conference: Women, Science and Technology for Sustainable Human Development, declare the following:

The full social and economic advancement of our countries depends crucially on human development as a first priority;

There is no sustainable human development without the joint participation of women and men in all creative activities, including science and technology (S&T);

Notwithstanding the lack of comprehensive and reliable statistical data, we testify our preoccupation at the heavy difficulties still encountered by women in accessing the domains of S&T;

On the other hand, we testify that women play crucial roles in the preservation of norms, values and practices that richly endow the diverse societies of the world and are fundamental to human existence;

Since S&T have become major influences in our times, it is urgent that women come to the forefront to participate in shaping the agenda for the future direction of the scientific enterprise;

The creation of TWOWS was inspired by the conviction that women have a unique and valuable perspective to bear upon the application of S&T to development, a conviction that has been reconfirmed by the debates and the outcome of the present Conference;

We therefore renew our commitment as members of TWOWS to pursuing the high objectives of our Organization and urge all our fellow colleagues, women and men, to join us in this collective endeavour;

Within the same spirit, we urge organizations, institutions and governments around the world to take every possible measure aimed at achieving a full involvement of women in S&T for the benefit of our people and our societies;

In pursuit of the TWOWS objectives, we adhere to the conclusions and recommendations issued by the present Conference;

In concluding this conference we express our deepest gratitude and recognition to South Africa, our host country, in particular to the Deputy President, the Honourable Thabo Mbheki, who inaugurated the Meeting, and to all persons and organizations that have contributed to the successful realization and outcome of the TWOWS Second General Assembly and International Conference.

Cape Town, South Africa, 11 February 1999


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