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Opportunities for Partnership within the Framework of the World Conference on Science
Tbilisi (Georgia), 7–9 June 1999

Joint Appeal to the World Conference on Science

by the Academies of Sciences of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia taking part in the afore-mentioned Regional Workshop


The present Regional Workshop was organized with a view to discussing prospects for development of science in the States of the South Caucasus in the 21st century. The participants note the high level of development of science in their respective States and its manifest impact upon prospects for development of world science, culture and civilization on the whole.

The States of our region have a great deal in common from the viewpoint of their geographical location, centuries-old culture and traditions, specific combination of fundamental research with applied problems of socio-economic and high-technological significance.

Today, we are facing certain common problems, whose resolution would also contribute to accelerating positive integration processes with world science, which defines ways of development for humankind in the 21st century.

Particularly noteworthy are ecological issues, problems of seismology and of anti-seismic construction technologies, issues of high information technology, study of energy, water, raw materials and soil resources, scientific substantiation of the Europe–Caucasus–Asia transport corridor, problems of local and global conflicts, oriental studies and Caucasus studies on the whole.

Being highly topical, all these problems are of importance to all humankind. Solving them will only be possible if appropriate state funding is supported by international organizations with UNESCO being one of the main actors.

In connection with the afore-mentioned, it would be expedient if the agenda of the World Conference on Science could provide for discussion on the subject ‘Science in the States of the South Caucasus in the 21st Century’ and if an appropriate decision could be taken which would facilitate subsequent funding of the needs outlined.


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