Kazakh seminar to concretize recommendations of World Conference on Science

1 June 2001 - The Kazakh National Academy of Sciences is planning a national seminar in October of this year to operationalize the recommendations of the World Conference on Science.

Expected to bring together some 30 decision-makers and scientists from different regions of Kazakhstan, as well as UNESCO experts, the seminar will serve to stimulate debate and reflection on future science policy in Kazakhstan using the recommendations of the Budapest Conference as a starting point. The seminar should culminate in a national plan of action.

The seminar comes at a crucial time. In the current transition to a market economy, it has become urgent to halt the erosion of science in the newly independent states of Central Asia. The science and technology systems inherited from the Former Soviet Union are going to need to be reoriented if they are to provide a sound base for the research and development so crucial to economic and social revival.

The possibility of arranging a similar seminar in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan is currently under discussion with the Academies of these countries.

Source: almaty@unesco.org