Free guide now available for S&T projects in Latin America


Text Box:  5 June 2001 UNESCO's Regional Office for Science and Technology for Latin America and the Caribbean (ROSTLAC) is launching a Technical and Financial Co-operation Guide for Science and Technology Projects in Latin America.


In recent decades, international co-operation for development in Latin America has been a resource to which governments, as well as civil society and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), have appealed with increasing expectations. They are counting on this form of co-operation to help bridge gaps they have found difficult to bridge with their own resources, especially in the areas of funding and personnel. The diversity of types of co-operation and procedures highlights the need to draw key information together in a single document.


The Guide follows up paragraph 16 of the Science Agenda, which recommends ‘a close dialogue  ... between donors and recipients of S&T funding’ and that ‘universities, research institutes and industry ... develop closer cooperation’ with the financing of S&T projects being promoted ‘as a means of advancing knowledge and strengthening science-based industry’.


The Guide, which comes in a compact disc (CD) format, has been prepared to assist institutions involved in planning, promotion, management, financing or execution of scientific and technological activities in the region, in their search to complement scarce local resources. It has been put together by ROSTLAC through its Divisions of Science Analysis and Policies and Basic and Engineering Sciences.


More than a directory, it is a compilation offering continuous and up-to-date support to the region by providing information about programmes, projects, technical and or financial co-operation, scholarships and other topics of interest.


The electronic version of the CD may be consulted at the following webpage:  An upgrade will be done directly at the webpage.


For free copies of the Guide, please contact Eduardo Martínez, ROSTLAC, Montevideo (Uruguay):