UNESCO’s Executive Board gives water institutions go ahead

15 June 2001 UNESCO’s Executive Board meeting in Paris (France) this month has approved plans to establish an institute for water education in the Netherlands and a regional centre for urban water management in Iran.

The final decision lies with the General Conference of UNESCO, which will bring together all 188 Member States in October to finalize the Organization’s programme and budget for 2002-2003.

The Executive Board, which meets biannually and is comprised of 58 rotating Members, has recommended this week that the General Conference establish the UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education and that it further examine, amend as appropriate and approve the Institute’s Statutes (see also WCS Newsletter of 30 June 2000).

The Board also invites the Director-General to submit to the General Conference for approval the final proposal for the creation of the Regional Centre on Urban Water Management, together with the draft Agreement between UNESCO and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran (see also WCS Newsletter of 15 March 2001).

Identified by the World Conference on Science as being an area of the environmental sciences ‘requiring special attention’, freshwater and supporting ecosystems have been designated the Organization’s principal priority in the natural and exact sciences for 2002-2003.

Source: http://unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0012/001228/122836e.pdf