Turkey embraces environmentally friendly technologies

27 September 2001 Turkey’s Supreme Council for Science and Technology has begun preparing a National Research Programme in Energy Technologies which is to include environmentally friendly technologies.

In December 2000, the Council decided to launch the national programme as a means of meeting the country’s increasing energy demands while at the same time mitigating the environmental impact. The decision came after the adoption by the Supreme Council for Science and Technology of two reports drafted by Working Groups set up by the Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey (TÜBÏTAK) and Technology Development Foundation of Turkey (TTGV).

The first report, drafted by the Working Group on Energy Technology Policy, recommended the rational use of energy and stressed the vital importance for Turkey of renewable energy sources.

The second report, drafted by the Working Group on Cleaner Production and Products: Environmentally Friendly Technologies, proposed an organizational model for development and deployment of cleaner production methods. This is to be achieved through: new legislative arrangements and standards; determination of policies and strategies for cleaner production, coupled with technical assistance and information; financial support and; policy implementation.

Source: Permanent Delegation of Turkey to UNESCO