Vietnam elaborating National Action Plan to implement Budapest agenda

9 February 2001 - Vietnam is in the process of drafting a National Action Plan which will translate into concrete action the recommendations of the World Conference on Science.

The Action Plan will focus on three priority issues: the use of science and technologies for poverty reduction; promoting the role of women in science; and making the best use of local scientific knowledge and improving policy mechanisms for the management and development of science. The Plan will also draw on the content of a Technical Co-operation Agreement signed between the Government of SR Vietnam and UNESCO on 25 October 1999.

Vietnam has expressed the wish ‘to see international/regional seminars and conferences convened by UNESCO for an exchange between member countries on implementing National Action Plans’.

Since the World Conference on Science, the Government of Vietnam has ensured that the Declaration and Science Agenda reach a wide audience at home. Both documents have been translated and extensively disseminated through the national media.

For further information, contact Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, SR Vietnam, Fax: (844) 825 2733 or (844) 924 2987