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Sécurité humaine
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Non-exhaustive list of documents available on-line concerning "Human Security".

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United Nations and Human Security

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Current UNESCO Publications on Human Security and Peace:


Goucha, Moufida; Cilliers, Jakkie, Peace, human security and conflict prevention in Africa: proceedings of the UNESCO/ISS Expert Meeting held in Pretoria, South Africa, 23-24 July 2001 Publ: 2001; 114 p.


International Meeting of Directors of Peace Research and Training Institutions; Paris; 1st; 2000; What agenda for human security in the twenty-first century? Publ: 2001; 154 p.; SHS.2001/WS/12.


Discours de M. Koïchiro Matsuura, Directeur général de l'UNESCO, à l'occasion de la première réunion internationale des directeurs des institutions de recherche et de formation sur la paix sur le thème: Quel agenda pour la sécurité humaine au XXIe siècle?; UNESCO, 27 novembre 2000


Address by Mr Koïchiro Matsuura, Director-General of UNESCO, at the first international meeting of directors of peace research and training institutions on: What Agenda for Human Security in the Twenty-First Century?, UNESCO, 27 November 2000, Publ: 2000; 3 p.; NED/DG/2000/64.


UNESCO. Executive Board; 160th session; 2000 (160 EX/48);
Final report of the Task Force on UNESCO in the Twenty-first Century: Towards peace and security in the twenty-first century: the challenges and opportunities of the humanization of globalization


Rapport final de l'Equipe spéciale de réflexion sur l'UNESCO au XXIe siècle: Vers la paix et la sécurité au XXIe siècle, les défis à relever et les possibilités à saisir pour humaniser la mondialisation


Previous Publications on the Culture of Peace and the New Approach to Security

The New Page, by Federico Mayor. 1995. Co-published by Dartmouth University Press and UNESCO Publishing, 180 pp.

Non-military aspects of international security. 1995. UNESCO Publishing. 260 pp.

Peace! by the Nobel Peace Prize winners. 1995. UNESCO Publishing. 570 pp.

Peace and war: social and cultural aspects, by Hakan Wiberg. 1995. Bel Corp Publishers, Warsaw. 125 pp.

UNESCO and a culture of peace. Promoting a global movement. 1996. CAB-95/WS/1. UNESCO. 206 pp.

The Venice Deliberations - Transformations in the meaning of 'security': practical steps toward a new security culture. The Venice Papers 1. 1996. CAB-96 WS/1. UNESCO. 125 pp.

Final Report of the Second International Forum on the Culture of Peace (The Manila Forum) 'Transformation Towards a Culture of Peace', 23-30 November 1995. Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process, Manila, Philippines. 1996. 103 pp.

Security for peace - a synopsis of the inter-American symposium on peace-building and peacekeeping (organized jointly by the Organization of American States and UNESCO). The Venice Papers 2. 1996. CAB-96 WS/2. UNESCO. 32 pp.

Actes du colloque international sur le droit à l'assistance humanitaire (Paris, 25-27 January 1995). 1996. SHS-96/WS/9. UNESCO. 218 pp.

From a culture of violence to a culture of peace. 1996. UNESCO Publishing. 276 pp.

UNESCO: an ideal in action, by Federico Mayor. 1996. UNESCO Publishing. 131 pp.

What kind of security? 1997. CAB-97/WS/3. UNESCO. 156 pp. (French, English)

Proceedings of the International Symposium on 'From Partial Insecurity to Global Security' (organized jointly by UNESCO, IHEDN, CASD, CESEDEN and the Institute for Security Studies of the WEU). 1997. CAB-97/ WS/1. UNESCO. 208 pp. (French, English)

Actas del Primer Foro Militar Centro-americano para la Cultura de la Paz (San Salvador, 26-27 June 1996). UNESCO Office, El Salvador. 1997. 151 pp.

Professional Peacebuilding. A preliminary guide developed in an International Workshop and Simulation. The Venice Papers 3. 1998. CAB-98/WS/04. UNESCO.

Peace, security and conflict prevention. SIPRI-UNESCO Handbook. 1998. Oxford University Press. 230 pp.

Cultura de paz y gestión de conflictos by Vicenc Fisas, Introduction by Federico Mayor. 1998. UNESCO Publications and Icaria Antrazyt, Barcelona. 406 pp.

II. Publications on science and peace

  • Science and power, by Federico Mayor and Augusto Forti. 1995. UNESCO. 230 pp. (English, French, Italian)

  • Peace in the oceans - Ocean governance and the Agenda for Peace. 1997. (SC-97/ WS/30). UNESCO. 266 pp.

  • Genoa Forum of UNESCO on Science and Society - Genoa Declaration on Science and Society, First Reflection Meeting: International Symposium on Science and Power, Genoa, Italy. V. Kouzminov, S. Biggin and R. Santesso (eds.). 1995. 183 pp.*

Science for Peace Series

  • Volume 1 Proceedings of the International Meeting on Military Conversion and Science: Utilisation/Disposal of the Excess Weapon Plutonium: Scientific, Technological and Socio-Economic Aspects, Como, Italy. V. Kouzminov, M. Martellini and R. Santesso (eds.). 1996. 469 pp.*

  • Volume 2 Forum 'Science for Peace' - Session of the Genoa Forum of UNESCO on Science and Society 'Science Ethics' - Workshop 'Science, Technology and National Systems of Innovation', Como, Italy. V. Kouzminov, M. Martellini and R. Santesso (eds.). 1997. 181 pp.*

  • Volume 3 International Symposia on Science for Peace (First Symposium 11 December 1995; Second Symposium 20-23 January 1997, Jerusalem, Israel. Y. Becker, V. Kouzminov and R. Santesso (eds.). 1997. 306 pp.*

  • Volume 4 Illegal Nuclear Traffic: Risks, Safe-guards and Countermeasures, Como, Italy. V. Kouzminov, M. Martellini and R. Santesso (eds.). 1998. 159 pp.*

  • Volume 5 Nuclear and Biological Decommissioning: Management of Global Security Threats. G. Aslanian, V. Kouzminov, M. Martellini and R. Santesso (eds.). 1998. 276 pp.*

  • Volume 6 Inauguration of the UNESCO International School of Science for Peace, First Forum of the International Scientific Panel on the Possible Consequences of the Misuse of Biological Sciences. Y. Becker, A. Falaschi, V. Kouzminov, M. Martellini and R. Santesso (eds.). [In press]*

  • Volume 7 Energy Security in the Third Mil-ennium: Scientific and Technological Issues. G. Aslanian, U. Farinelli, V. Kouzminov, M. Martellini and R. Santesso (eds.). [In press]*212

* Published by the UNESCO Venice Office


Human Security General

Canada and Human Security

  • Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International TradeCanadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
    Human Security Homepage English Français
  • Canadian department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, "Elements of the Concept of Human Security: A Discussion Paper", prepared for the Third Annual DFAIT/NGO Peacebuilding Consultations.
  • Spencer, Metta, with Gerald Helleiner, Ian Spears, and Mel Watkins, "Securing Security: Canada's Development Policies", Peace Magazine. Summer 1997
  • Eggleton Art, "Moving forward in a changing world: Canadian Defence is planning 10 to 20 years ahead to keep pace with a changing world" Response to the Speech from the Throne, Defence Performance and Outlook 2000. DND
  • Stollery Peter and Andreychuk, Raynell, The New NATO and the Evolution of Peacekeeping: Implications for Canada. Chapter VI: "Human Security and the New Peacekeeping" Report of the Standing Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs Seventh Report, April 2000
  • Stephens, Hugh, Speaking Notes for an Address to the 21st Annual Meeting of the Association of Canadian Studies of German Speaking Countries, Grainau, Germany, 18 February 2000
  • Canadian Peacebuilding Coordinating Committee (CPCC), Third Annual DFAIT/NGO Peacebuilding Consultations, Ottawa, Canada, 2 - 3 March 1999
  • Roche, Douglas, "Canada and a Culture of Peace", Speech in the Senate of Canada in response to the Speech from the Throne, Hansard 30th November 1999
  • Kilgour, David, "The UN and the Challenge of Human Security", McGill International Review, Vol.1 No. 1, Winter 2000, Montréal, Québec Canada
  • Kilgour, David, "Believers and Building Human Security", An address to a luncheon hosted by the Christian Embassy fo Canada, Sheraton Hotel, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 1st March 1999
  • Kilgour, David, "Human Security and Drugs" Notes for an Address to the Montreal Chapter of the Canadian Institute of International Affairs, McGill Faculty Club, Montreal, Quebec Canada, 7th April 1999

Defence/Military Issues and Human Security

Human Security in Africa

Human Rights and Security

Water and Human Security

  • Cocklin, Chris, Lonergan, Steve (eds.), Water and Human Security in Southeast Asia and Oceania. will contain the papers presented at the workshop on Water and Human Security in Southeast Asia and Oceania, co-sponsored by GECHS and HDP Australia, Canberra, Australia, 16-18 November, 1998

AIDS/HIV and Human Security

Gender and Human Security

  • Lammers, Ellen, Refugees, Gender and Human Security: A theoretical introduction and annotated bibliography. Fall 1999
  • Muthien, Bernedette, "Women's security is human security: Southern African dimensions", Paper to be presented at the 18th General IPRA Conference, Tampere, Finland 5-9 August 2000,
  • UN-ECOSOC, "Human Security and Social Protection" excerpt from the United Nations Economic and Social Council, Report of the Secretary General to the Commission on the Status of Women, 43rd Session, 1 - 19 March 1999 (E/CN.6/199/PC/2)
    The full report is available on-line at:
  • Valenzuela, Maria Elena, "Gender and Human Security: Women Fighting for Peace, Democracy and Social Justice in Latim America" Paper to be presented at the 18th General IPRA Conference, Tampere, Finland 5-9 August 2000,

Drugs and Human Security

Human Security and Development

  • Nef, Jorge, Human Security and Mutual Vulnerability: The Global Political Economy of Development and Underdevelopment. 2nd edition., IDRC, 1999
    First edition, under the sub-title "An Exploration into Global Political Economy of Development and Underdevelopment" is available on-line
  • "Human Security and Development for All: Building an Better World", Communiqué from the People’s Summit Conference, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, 14 June 1995

Human Security and Regional Issues

Globalisation and Human Security