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Title:Universal Declaration of Human Rights: text adopted on December 10, 1948 by the General Assembly of the United Nations
Series:The UNESCO Courier
Other lang. series issues:Le Courrier de l'UNESCO; El Correo de la UNESCO
Series (vol/issues):II, 9
Imprint:Sept. 1949
Publ Year:1949
Alt. collation:p. 13
Original Language:English
Other Lang. versions:French, Spanish
Other lang. title:Déclaration universelle des droits de l'homme: texte adopté le 10 décembre 1948 par l'Assemblée générale des Nations Unies
Main descriptors:human rights; international instruments
Item available at: UNESCO Library 001(100)
On line:Yes
Document Type:UNESCO serial article
Catalog Number:74129
Source code:cou

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