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Title:Planning and the educational administrator
Series:Fundamentals of educational planning
Other lang. series issues:Principes de la planification de l'éducation; Dasar-dasar perencanaan pendidikan
Series (vol/issues):4
Author:Beeby, Clarence Edward
Corporate author:UNESCO. IIEP
Imprint:Paris, UNESCO; IIEP, 1967
Publ Year:1967
Collation:36 p.
Original Language:English
Other Lang. versions:French, Indonesian, Portuguese
Other lang. title:L'Administrateur de l'éducation face à la planification; Perencanaan dan Administrator Pendidikan; O Planejamento e o administrador educacional
Document code:IIEP.66/II.4/A; IIEP.66/II.4/B
ISBN ISSN:92-803-1009-7(eng); 92-803-2009-2(fre)
General notes:Incl. bibl. (French pub. in Paris by UNESCO-IIEP in 1967). (Indonesian pub. by Penerbit Bhratara Karya Aksara in Jakarta in 1984). (Portuguese ed. pub. in "Cadernos de Pesquisa" No.7, Sao Paulo, 1973, 73-91 pp.)
Main descriptors:educational planning; educational administration; educational administrators
Item available at: UNESCO Library 379.50 BEE - UNESCO Archives ED/IIEP/6/4 - IIEP Paris BEE 24
Microfiche no:86m0096 [eng-1mf]; 86m0094 [fre-1mf]
On line:Yes
Document Type:UNESCO publication
Catalog Number:76385
IEP Pub. Cat. No:F.2
Source code:xie

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