Terms of use

UNESCO recommends that users who wish to create links from their websites to the Organization’s documents and publications give priority to links to bibliographical notes
e.g.: http://www.unesco.org/ulis/cgi-bin/ulis.pl?catno=163301&set=4958EB98_0_152&gp=1&lin=1

Given that the links to PDF files do not change, downloading these files to make them accessible from non-UNESCO websites is not authorized.

All links to the UNESDOC website must be clearly displayed as originating from UNESCO but the user is not required to inform us of the links they have created. However, users must strictly ensure that these links comply with the above terms and that they work correctly.

See the other terms of use and the confidentiality policy: http://www.unesco.org/new/en/terms-of-use/terms-of-use/permissions/