Information services and Documentation centres



Subjects UNESCO general information; Education; Sciences and Technology; Environment; Culture
Services Selective dissemination of information, Document delivery, Answers to requests, Searching database(s), Bibliographies
Availability External users with restriction
Geographic coverage Latin America and the Caribbean; Worldwide
Holdings CD-ROMs, Audiovisual materials, Books/Monographs, UNESCO documents/publications (85 %)
Database(s) Education for Sustainable Development, General Information about Education, Higher Education, HIV and AIDS Prevention Education, Information and Communication Technologies in Education, Literacy, Technical and Vocational Education and Training
Software Techlib
Publication(s) Books and brochures on Educational, Cultural and Scientific subjects as results of UNESCO actions and research in Brazil; UNESCO Recommendations, Declarations and Resolutions in Portuguese ; UNESCO Brazil Newsletter and Annual Report, UNESCO Brazil Publication Annual Catalogue
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Keywords Multidisciplinary
Activities Virtual library, Documentation centre
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