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Subjects Mainly all educational subjects: preschool, basic and secondary education; adult education, women education, special education, teacher education, scientific education; innovations, management, policy, planning,education for human rights, sexual education; Aids education, audiovisual materials.
Services Inter-library loan, Training, Selective dissemination of information, Loan, Document delivery, Answers to requests (2500), Searching database(s), Searching on internet, Bibliographies (600), Reading room
Geographic coverage Latin America and the Caribbean; Worldwide
Holdings CD-ROMs : 100, Audiovisual materials (150), Books/Monographs (7000), journals / Periodicals (500), UNESCO documents/publications
Database(s) Santiago Bibliographic database (BIB)
Periodicals catalogue (PERIO)
Available database(s) VIH/SIDA
Software Winisis
Indexing tool(s) UNESCO Thesaurus; IBE Education thesaurus
Publication(s) Noticias de la UNESCO; Online bibliographies;
Search Santiago publications
Keywords Education, VIH/SIDA
Activities Referral Centre, Documentation centre
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