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Subjects Social and Human Sciences with particular interest in such themes as human rights, peace, international migration and multiculturalism, poverty, urban development, democracy and governance, philosophy and human sciences, bioethics, ethics of science and technology, gender equality and development, struggle against discrimination and racism.
Services Selective dissemination of information, Document delivery, Answers to requests, Searching on internet, Searching database(s), Bibliographies, Reading room
Geographic coverage Worldwide
Holdings CD-ROMs, Books/Monographs, journals / Periodicals, UNESCO documents/publications
Database(s) Global Ethics Obserbatory; MOST Policy Research Tool
Indexing tool(s) Macrothesaurus; UNESCO Thesaurus
Publication(s) All UNESCO Social and Human Sciences Publications: Publications Catalogue, SHSviews Magazine,SHS e-News,International Journal on Multicultural Societies,International Social Science Journal, etc.
Keywords Ehics of science and technology; Sport, Social and Human Sciences, Peace, Human rights
Activities Records Centre, Referral Centre, Library, Documentation centre, Abstracting-Indexing
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