UNESCO Portals
  • Archives Portal
    Information for archivists and archives users.

  • DigiArts
    Research and dissemination of different practices in the field of art, design, multimedia and music through diversified networks.

  • Free and Open source Software Portal
    Resources related to Free Software and Open Source Technology mouvement.

  • Higher Education Portal
    The Organization plays a leading role in the worldwide reflection on higher education reform. It also provides a platform for dialogue on how best to adapt education systems to the emergence of knowledge societies and the new social, cultural and economic challenges of an increasingly globalized world.

  • Libraries Portal
    Information for librarians and library users.

  • Literacy portal
    Information-sharing on literacy projects and activities undertaken around the world.

  • Observatory on the Information Society
    Monitoring the Development of the Information Society towards Knowledge Societies.

  • Teacher Training in sub-Saharan Africa (TTISSA)
    This Initiative will assist the continent’s 46 sub-Saharan countries in restructuring national teacher policies and teacher education. It aims to increase the number of teachers and improve the quality of teaching.

  • Water Portal
    The UNESCO Water Portal is intended to enhance access to information related to freshwater available on the World Wide Web.