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Japanese gardens

From the ancient Shintoist depths of Japan emerged the belief that divine forces manifest themselves in various features of nature, such as mountains, waterfalls and trees. The garden is part of that universe, within which humans must find their own place outside of any relationship of domination; they will draw their own energy from this humble attitude, and respect for the primal rhythms of nature.
   The Japanese garden looks like a natural landscape, the perfect setting for an encounter between humans and nature, a genuine relationship with a subtle balance that needs constant redefinition.
   Human participation in the ever-changing existence of the garden is indispensable, not only in its creation, but also in its upkeep and, lastly, in the gaze of the walker. Whereas a single axis would impose a mind-numbing, the Japanese garden offers changing vistas from its various viewpoints with a sophistication rooted in sobriety.