aerial view
Inaugurated on 3 November 1958, the Headquarters of UNESCO is the most international building in Paris both in terms of the membership of the Organization it houses, currently standing at 186 Member States (1 July 1997) and in terms of its construction, for it is the combined work of architects of three nationalities : Marcel Breuer of the United States of America, Pier Luigi Nervi of Italy and Bernard Zehrfuss of France ; selected by an International Committee of five : Lucio Costa of Brazil, Walter Gropius of the United States of America, Charles Le Corbusier of France, Sven Markelius of Sweden and Ernesto Rogers of Italy ; the American architect, Eero Saarinen was also consulted and Eugene E. Callison, an American engineer directed the construction site.


building 1 The main Building
(building 1)
located in the Place de Fontenoy is seven floors high, resting on stilts (pilotis) and was constructed in the form of a 'Y' (or three-pointed star). This building houses the Secretariat of the Organization.
building 2 The large accordeon-shaped building
(building 2)

on the Piazza with its fluted concrete walls and copper-covered fluted roof, houses the largest conference room in the UNESCO complex.
building 3 The small four-story building
(building 3)

behind the main building was originally built to house the Permanent Delegates and Non-governmental Organizations.
building 4 Six sunken patios
(building 4)
totally invisible on ground level, conceived in 1965 by Bernard Zehrfuss.