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    Name of Collection: The World Bank, World Development Sources
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    Name of Institution: The World Bank
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    Description: World Development Sources (WDS) is a web based text search and retrieval system which contains a collection of World Bank reports most of which are scanned and are available in imaged format, which you can access via a web browser and search through a multi-field search engine. Also included is the ASCII text of the report, which is generated from the image through a technical utility called Optical Character Recognition (OCR). World Development Sources contains citations to over 6,000 reports. These reports include Project appraisal reports, Economic and Sector Works, Evaluation reports and Studies,and working papers. For a listing of the most current report types available, click on the Type search option on the World Development Sources Detailed Search screen.

    Main language of the collection: English
    Type of Material: Printed documents


  Contact editor: Aziz Abid, UNESCO Memory of the World
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