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    Description: This Digital Collection uses thorough textual content and a substantial collection of images to describe the life and work of one of Canada's most famous Native- Douglas Cardinal - who is a Blackfoot from Alberta. He earned worldwide recognition as a Classical Organic architect. The site also comments on Cardinal's impact on architecture both within Canada and, increasingly in recent years, internationally. The site is available in an "interactive," high-bandwidth version with automatically-cycling images and in a more "accessible" version, which has the same content as the "interactive" version but is compatible with more web browsers because it uses less elaborate designs and fewer photographs. For a great number of reasons, Douglas Cardinal managed to raise himself to a position of prominence within the modern architectural community. Cardinal combined inspiration drawn from his traditional, First Nations roots and his desire to positively impact the world with good business sense to create and implement an architectural vision. His cutting-edge designs (in particular, the use of curvilinear lines and walls) are paralleled only by his use of cutting-edge technology (both software technology used for designing buildings and mechanical technology used for constructing them.) The final key to Cardinal's success lies in the research-intensive pre-design stage of each of his projects. Before designing a building, Cardinal thoroughly analyzes the project from the outside-in (looking at the natural environment around the building) and from the inside-out (consulting with everyone who will use the building about their needs and desires.) This Digital Collection does an excellent job of elaborating on these keystones of Cardinal's success. One of the other main assets of the Celebrate Cardinal site is its use of a diverse range of types of information sources. This project includes several articles interpreting Cardinal's work and career as well as numerous quotes of Cardinal taken from a number of past interviews. The site is also, in itself, a valuable information resource. It includes a categorized list of Cardinal's projects (divided into topics such as education facilities, religious, exhibits, theatres, administration/office, health, museums, multi-use, hotels, residences, and studies/master plans), a list of awards Cardinal has received, and a bibliography of books and articles on Cardinal himself and, more broadly, on Canadian architecture.

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