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    Name of Collection: Manuscriptorium
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    Name of Institution: National Library of the Czech Republic
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    Description: A digital library of manuscripts, old printed books and other scarce documents is in existence. Like any other library, it contains a catalogue – in this case the OCHBR (Open Catalogue of Historical Book Resources) and its own digital documents deposited in a data storage system. The OCHBR brings together information about physical documents (manuscripts etc.) in the form of catalogue records in XML format. The Repository contains digital copies of a subset of these catalogued documents, known as complex digital documents (CDD) As a matter of principle, the Manuscriptorium system stores the metadata centrally in the OCHBR and provides access to digitised documents held in the operator’s data storage facilities and in the remote storage facilities of its partners. Manuscriptorium is the outcome of activities begun under the auspices of the UNESCO „Memory of the World“ initiative in 1992. Subsequently, objectives were set for a Czech follow-up programme, Memoriae Mundi Series Bohemica (MMSB), and means of satisfying relevant current demands were identified and implemented. At an early stage the requirements for long term viability of the project were identified and objectives set for the development of an electronic research environment for the sphere of historical book resources. Manuscriptorium brings together information provided by collaborating partners, contributors from libraries, archives and museums in the Czech Republic and other countries.

    Main language of the collection: Czech, Latin, German, and other languages
    Type of Material: manuscripts, old printed books, historical maps


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