Description :33´ 8 matrix

Priority status of eight scientific fields in thirty-three major academic institutions in India.

Idcode : Institutions

    1. Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
    2. Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
    3. Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
    4. Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
    5. Delhi University, Delhi
    6. All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
    7. Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
    8. Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
    9. Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Chandigarh
    10. Jadavpur University, Calcutta
    11. Punjab University, Chandigarh
    12. Rajasthan University, Jaipur
    13. Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
    14. Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh
    15. Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana
    16. Osmania University, Hyderabad
    17. Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi
    18. Poona University, Puna
    19. Calcutta University, Calcutta
    20. Madras University, Madras
    21. Andhra University, Waltair
    22. Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur
    23. Hyderabad University, Hyderabad
    24. Haryana Agriculture University, Hissar
    25. Bombay University, Bombay
    26. Roorkee University, Roorkee
    27. Lucknow University, Lucknow
    28. North Eastern Hill University, Shillong
    29. Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
    30. Madurai Kamraj University, Madurai
    31. Karnatak University, Dharwad
    32. Sardar Patel University, Vidyanagar (Gujarat)
    33. Allahabad University, Allahabad

Research Fields

Variable Fields

V1 Physics

V2 Chemistry

V3 Life Sciences

V4 Earth and Space

V5 Engineering

V6 Mathmatics

V7 Med. Sciences

V8 Agriculture

Priority status of a field in a given institution is operationalized by

constructing a dichotomous variable coded as

    1. if Activity Index > 0

    1. otherwise

Source :NAGPAUL, P.S. (1995) Contributions of Indian universities to the mainstream scientific literature: A bibliometric assessment, Scientometrics, 32(1), 11-36.