Description : Average time spent by twenty eight population groups on 10 major activities The population groups were selected according to the following criteria: sex, marital status, employment status and country.


V1: Work

V2: Transport

V3: Household

V4: Children

V5: Shopping

V6: Personal care

V7: Meals

V8: Sleep

V9: Television

V10: Leisure

Population Groups

Code labels for the groups

    1. Employed men in USA
    2. Employed women in USA
    3. Unemployed women in USA
    4. Married men in USA
    5. Married women in USA
    6. Single men in USA
    7. Single women in USA
    8. Employed men in Western countries
    9. Employed women in Western countries
    10. Unemployed women in Western countries
    11. Married men in Western countries
    12. Married women in Western countries
    13. Single men in Western countries
    14. Single women in Western countries
    15. Employed men in Eastern countries
    16. Employed women in Eastern countries
    17. Unemployed women in Eastern countries
    18. Married men in Eastern countries
    19. Married women in Eastern countries
    20. Single men in Eastern countries
    21. Single women in Eastern countries
    22. Employed men in Yugoslavia
    23. Employed women in Yugoslavia
    24. Unemployed women in Yugoslavia
    25. Married men in Yugoslavia
    26. Married women in Yugoslavia
    27. Single men in Yugoslavia
    28. Single women in Yugoslavia

Source: Data published in Classification Automatique pour la Analyse des Donnees, Dunod. 1978