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The International Directory of Experts Specializing in Informatics (IDESI) brings together vital information concerning a wide range of, both governmental and non-governmental organizations involved in informatics development and its application in areas linked to the objectives of IIP. While IDESI serves to make these specialized experts known in both developing and industrialized countries, this revised and expanded edition should facilitate communication between experts and between Member States. Every attempt has been made to provide comprehensive information for each expert, including its working experience and expertise, the areas of profession and consultancy envisaged, and the publications of each expert.

Existing entries have been updated to reflect the numerous comments and suggestions received by the IIP secretariat since the publication of the third edition and to include electronic mail addresses, where possible. In selecting new entries, preference has been given to experts from those experts in Members States or regions not previously represented in the directory.

Previous editions of IDESI have paved the way for successful collaboration, including:

  • the co-operation activities;
  • the exchange and donation of expertise and experiences;
  • the provision of information on research activities and results;
  • the preparation of short- or medium-duration missions for courses, lectures, thesis committees, etc.;
  • the establishment of research programmes; and
  • the accommodation of advisory services and the organization of study trips.

Expert Profiles by Country

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