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The minimum information of the NOMINATION FORM is to be supplied with nominations of documentary heritage for the Memory of the World Register. In the case of documentary heritage which is in several locations, or has several owners or custodians, full details of each component, owner or custodian are to be provided.

Nominations and any supporting information should be sent to:

Memory of the World Programme
1, rue Miollis
757032 Paris FRANCE

Annex 1: Indicative List of Factors to be Included in Management Plan

Ideally the management plan for documentary heritage, listed on the Memory of the World Register, will be one component of a total preservation management plan for the whole library, archive or other collecting organization in which the document, collection or holding resides. There may be circumstances where a management plan is developed for specific documentary heritage before a total preservation management plan is created.

The plan must demonstrate an understanding of the significance of the documentary heritage and the development of appropriate strategies to preserve and provide access to it.

The following is an indicative list of factors to be included in a management plan. The information provided in various parts of the General Guidelines to Safeguard Documentary Heritage will assist in developing a plan. Where appropriate, references to the relevant sections in the Guidelines are given below in parentheses.This list will be developed further by the International Advisory Committee as the programme evolves.

General Information Programme and UNISIST - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

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14 November 1996