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The Public Library Service : The IFLA/UNESCO Guidelines for Development [International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions] - Ed. for the Section of Public Libraries by Philip Gill et. al., UNESCO 2001, (CI-2001/WS/01), (EN) (FR, in PDF), (ES, in PDF), (RU, in PDF), (AR, in PDF)
UNESCO/IFLA Survey on Digitization and Preservation, compiled by Sara Gould and Richard Ebdon under the direction of Marie-Thérèse Varlamoff,(EN, in RTF) (FR, in RTF), (ES, in RTF)
UNESCO/IFLA Directory of Digitized Collections - By UNESCO, IFLA, 1999-2000 (Web)
Digitization of rare library materials. Storage and access to data. - By Adolf Knoll, .... - Prag : National Library of the Czech Republic; Albertina icome Praha Ltd, 1999 (CD-ROM)
A Guide to Standards, Recommended Practices and Reference Literature Related to the Preservation of Documents of All Kinds / edited by George Boston. - Paris: UNESCO, 1997
A Survey of Current Library Preservation Activities / prepared for UNESCO, on behalf of IFLA, by Jan Lyall. - Paris: UNESCO, 1996
General Guidelines for the Safeguarding of the Documentary Heritage / prepared for UNESCO, on behalf of IFLA, by Stephen Foster, Jan Lyall, Duncan Marshall and Roslyn Russel. - Paris : UNESCO, 1996
Lost Memory - Libraries and Archives destroyed in the Twentieth Century / prepared for UNESCO on behalf of IFLA by Hans van der Hoeven and on behalf of ICA by Joan van Albada. - Paris : UNESCO, 1996 (Version française)
Memory of the World - Preserving our Documentary Heritage / by Abdelaziz Abid .- Paris: UNESCO, 2001 (EN, FR)
Notes from the First Meeting of the Marketing Sub-Committee / International Advisory Committee for the Memory of the World Programme; Sub-Committee for Marketing. - Oslo, Norway, 10-12 July 1996 (Version française)


Endangered Memory - Mémoire en péril


Safeguarding our documentary heritage/Conservation préventive du patrimoine documentaire. - CD-ROM prepared on behalf of UNESCO by the IFLA/PAC with the assistance of the Mission on Research and Technology of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. - Project Director: Marie-Thérèse Varlamoff; Scientific Coordination: Astrid Brandt-Grau. - Paris: UNESCO, 2000 (CD-ROM, Mac /PC- Windows).
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