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   Alleviating Poverty through Culture (Human Rights)
The projects presented here illustrate UNESCO's approach : solidarity and sharing make UNESCO "the House of giving and receiving" (Léopold Sedar Senghor). We invite you to support our action by making a financial contribution to the projects of your choice.

 Old school revitalization
French colonial building restored as traditional crafts school

The project falls within the Municipality of Tunis' larger programme "Oukalas Project" for the improvement of the social and urban environment of the city. By rehabilitating this colonial period building (15 classrooms on 3 stories) and establishing a school for traditional crafts in it an important objective of the local authorities' programme. Continue


 LEAP (Local Effort And Preservation)
Cultural heritage preservation through local communities

LEAP is a regional project for the use of heritage conservation as a tool for job creation, poverty alleviation and sustainable human development in Asia and the Pacific. The objective of LEAP is to allow populations living within or near heritage sites throughout the region to become involved in management and conservation efforts and as an effect, extract economic and social benefits. Continue



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