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   Alleviating Poverty through the Environment (Environment)
The projects presented here illustrate UNESCO's approach : solidarity and sharing make UNESCO "the House of giving and receiving" (Léopold Sedar Senghor). We invite you to support our action by making a financial contribution to the projects of your choice.

 Jakarta Bay
Community development and income generation through waste recycling

The coastal area of Jakarta, Indonesia, is characterised by both fishing and coastal villages of very poor people and the enormous impact of a megacity's waste and effluent. Within the villages close to the ocean there is poor sanitation and other basic services, garbage is dumped randomly, flooding is common and most people live below the poverty line. Continue


 From Garbage to Patchwork
Equipping a Textile Recycling Centre on the Garbage Mountains of Cairo

The project aims at improving living conditions of young women living on and from the garbage mountains by offering non-formal education, vocational training and in particular the necessary equipment to develop a rag recycling centre. Starting by collecting rags from textile mills and garment factories, the centre teaches the women the techniques necessary to recycle these fabrics into patchwork quilts, bedspreads, rugs and other marketable items Continue



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