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   Alleviating Poverty through Social Development (Environment)
 Empowerment for Indigenous Communities
Cultural Empowerment of Indigenous Communities in the Amazon region.

This project is carried in an isolated area of Ecuador, where there are few basic communication services, poor infrastructure and few ways of access. Added to this, the beneficiaries are highly dispersed in the Alto Mara˝ˇn making it difficult for them to participate in project activities.
  • To strengthen participation of the Shuar and Achuar in identifying ecologically and culturally coherent and sustainable development policies for their population and territory, as well as to promote the comprehension and respect for human rights of these indigenous populations. In doing so, these communities should be able to negotiate their own projects, improve their socio-economic condition and avoid possible conflicts of interest.
  • To promote the social and cultural empowerment of the Achuar and Shuar indigenous communities by means of a radio station and by providing specific training packages to enable them to produce and broadcast bi-lingual educational radio programmes.

Progress and Promise

  • the empowerment of the Shuar and Achuar communities, which should enable them to strengthen their organisation,
  • to revitalise their culture and to defend their territory.
  • the Amazon Radio for Peace should improve the level of literacy, facilitate an exchange of information and the integration of the indigenous populations in the Alto Mara˝ˇn.


  • Achuar and Shuar represent approximately 145.000 individuals located on both side of the border of Ecuador and Peru. Presently, Jivaro is one of the most homogenous indigenous branches in the Basin of the Amazon.
  • The final activity is the construction of the premises and the installation of the Amazon Radio Station for Peace in the Achuar-Shuar region. An indigenous team is technically trained in radio equipment management as well as in the production and transmission of bilingual radio programmes, among others to exchange information in the area.

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