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   Alleviating Poverty through Social Development (Environment)
 Young City Actors
Upgrading of Living Conditions in Shanty Towns

Half of the 2 million inhabitants of Port au Prince fall under the poverty line. They lack basic services and infrastructures, which isolate them from participating in civil life. In particular, social, education and employment opportunities are limited for the youth of these slums. In response to these problems, UNESCO has initiated several projects for the improvement of public spaces: construction of bridges between different districts of the slum, stairways, small squares, sports facilities and a high wall where a fresco is being painted. It is in this context that youth receive training to become artisans and project leaders in crafts such as woodwork, metal work, and use of cement. Since many youth are illiterate, an innovative solution was found in the form of short 15-minute training videos broadcasted to excluded populations through a mobile projection unit.

Progress and Promise

  • Infrastructures provided for 50.000 people
  • Football field built
  • Training for 500 young people in construction and recycling techniques and handicrafts


  • More than 50% of the population of Port au Prince is under the age of 20 and are socially excluded (high unemployment rate, delinquency, isolation)
  • Participatory approach
  • 12 training videos are operational.







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