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   Alleviating Poverty through Social Development (Environment)
The projects presented here illustrate UNESCO's approach : solidarity and sharing make UNESCO "the House of giving and receiving" (Léopold Sedar Senghor). We invite you to support our action by making a financial contribution to the projects of your choice.

 Young City Actors
Upgrading of Living Conditions in Shanty Towns

Several projects and training sessions have been developed by UNESCO with youth in partnership with local NGOs in order to improve the living conditions of the most impoverished neighbourhoods. Since many youth are illiterate, short training videos are broadcasted from a mobile projection unit. Continue

 Save the Weavers
Linking cultural heritage to economic and social development

Arts and crafts are sources of employment and subsistence for many in the developing countries. However, due to situations beyond their control, people engaged in various kinds of crafts are driven to give up their profession. Forced to abandon their trade they become superfluous dislocated labourers. Unless well-designed strategies are elaborated to assist them, the number of unemployed will increase and many fine skills will be lost. With a view to reversing the declining trend, especially, in the handloom textile industry in countries where high quality hand-woven textile production was once the mainstay of the economy, and assisting the skilled weavers to secure sustained income, UNESCO designed the " Fashion for Development " strategy which was first implemented in Bangladesh. Continue

 Empowerment for Indigenous Communities
Cultural Empowerment of Indigenous Communities in the Amazon region.

This project concerns social and cultural empowerment of the indigenous communities. Training courses and workshops as well as the establishment of the Amazon Radio for Peace are the main activities. Continue

 Local Democracy at the Bag Level
Human rights and local democracy in rural areas of Mongolia

This project is a unique pilot experience undertaken at the grassroots level in rural areas of Mongolia. It builds capacities of Bag authorities and communities to address their responsibilities in an integrated perspective linking the realisation of Human Rights, of local democracy and development. Continue


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