Unesco and Human Rights

I. Texts of Major Standard Setting Instruments on Human Rights

(A) Conventions
Agreement For Facilitating The International Circulation Of Visual And Auditory Materials Of An Educational, Scientific And Cultural Character(The Beirut Agreement), 1948

Universal Copyright Convention, 1952

International Convention For The Protection Of Performers, Producers Of Phonograms And Broadcasting Organisations (The Rome Convention), 1961

Convention Against Discrimination In Education, 1962

Protocol Instituting A Conciliation And Good Offices Commission To Be Responsible For Seeking A Settlement Of Any Disputes Which May Arise Between States Parties To The Convention Against Discrimination In Education, 1962

Universal Copyright Convention As Revised At Paris On 24 July 1971

Convention On Technical And Vocational Education, 1989

(B) Declarations
Declaration Of The Principles Of International Cultural Co-Operation, 1966

International Charter Of Physical Education And Sport, 1978

Declaration On Race And Racial Prejudice, 1978

Declaration On Fundamental Principles Concerning The Contribution Of The Mass Media To Strengthening Peace And International Understanding, To The Promotion Of Human Rights And To Countering Racialism, Apartheid And Incitement To War, 1978

Declaration Of Principles On Tolerance, 1995

(C) Reccommendations
Recommendation Against Discrimination In Education, 1960

Recommendation Concerning The Status Of Teachers, 1966

Recommendation Concerning Education For International Understanding, Co-Operation And Peace And Education Relating To Human Rights And Fundamental Freedoms, 1974

Revised Recommendation Concerning Technical And Vocational Education, 1974

Recommendation On The Status Of Scientific Researchers, 1974

Recommendation On The Legal Protection Of Translators And Translations And The Practical Means To Improve The Status Of Translators, 1976

Recommendation On The Development Of Adult Education, 1976

Recommendation On Participation By The People At Large In Cultural Life And Their Contribution To It, 1976

Recommendation Concerning The Status Of The Artist, 1980

(D) List of Other Standard-Setting Instruments Related to Human Rights and Humanitarian law

II. Final Documents Of Selected Meetings Related To Human Rights Organized Or Co-Organized By Unesco: Declarations, Recommendations, Statements, Etc.

Principles of the International Congress on the Teaching of Human Rights, Vienna, Austria, 1978

Seville Statement on Violence, Spain, 1986

Malta Recommendations on Human Rights Teaching, Information and Documentation, 1987

Montevideo Declaration On Democratic Culture And Governance, Uruguay, 1990

Declaration Of Windhoek On Promoting An Independent And Pluralistic African Press, Namibia, 1991

Sinaia Statement On Academic Freedom And University Autonomy, Romania, 1992

Declaration Of Alma-Ata On Promoting Independent And Pluralistic Asian Media, Kazakstan, 1992

Declaration On The Role And Challenges Of Copyright On The Eve Of The Twenty-First Century, Paris, France, 1992

World Plan Of Action On Education For Human Rights And Democracy, Montreal, Canada, 1993

Ouagadougou Declaration On The Education Of Girls, Burkina Faso, 1993

Seoul Recommendations On Democracy And Tolerance, Republic Of Korea, 1994

Declaration On The Role Of Religion In The Promotion Of A Culture Of Peace, Barcelona, Spain, 1994

Conclusions Of The International Colloquium On The Right To Humanitarian Assistance, Paris, France, 1995


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