Getting Started

7    Getting Started

7.1  Overview of Steps to be Performed with WinIDAMS

In this example, an IDAMS dictionary for the description of data collected by a questionnaire is prepared and data for a few respondents are entered. A set of IDAMS control statements (a "setup") is then prepared and used to produce frequency distributions of Age, Sex and Education (number of years) bracketed into 4 groups. The steps below are followed:

  1. Create an application environment.
  2. Prepare and store an IDAMS dictionary describing the variables in the data.
  3. Enter the data (this step would be eliminated if the data were prepared outside WinIDAMS).
  4. Prepare and store a "setup" of instructions specifying what is to be done with the data.
  5. Execute the IDAMS program as given in the setup.
  6. Review the results and modify the setup if necessary; then repeat from step 4.
  7. Print the results.
To get started, first launch WinIDAMS. You will see the WinIDAMS Main window.

7.2  Create an Application Environment

The application environment allows you to predefine full paths for three folders. All input/output files will be opened/created by default in one of these folders. This saves you from having to enter the full folder path.

Click on Application in the menu bar and then on New. You now see the following dialogue:

We will create a new application with the name "MyAppl" and with application folders C:\MyAppl\data, C:\MyAppl\work and C:\MyAppl\temp by entering these names in the corresponding text-boxes.

For each application folder entered which does not exist, you will see a dialogue like this:

Click on Yes for each new folder and then click on OK. Now you see the WinIDAMS Main window again.

7.3  Prepare the Dictionary

We will create a dictionary to describe data records containing the following variables:

Number Name Width Missing Data code
1 Identification 3
2 Age 2
3 Sex 1 9
1 Male
2 Female
9 MD
4 Education 2

7.4  Enter Data

7.5  Prepare the Setup

7.6  Execute the Setup

7.7  Review Results and Modify the Setup

7.8  Print the Results