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"The Book: A World Transformed"

January 16, 2002 - A historic factor of worldwide transformation, the book finds itself today in the throes of a global technological revolution. In a world some might tag as post-literate, a sort of 'hyper-literacy' conspires with a new type of 'non-literacy' to alter our ways of experiencing books and reading. Does the lure of multimedia, immediate and interactive forms of communication spell trouble for the book and for the cultures it has spawned? This is the core question to which experts from diverse disciplines contribute their thought in this volume.

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  • Full Title: The Book: A World Transformed. By Z. Bauman, G. Kutukdjian, F. Delich, G. Kyomuhendo, S. P. Rouanet, Em Carneiro Leão, G. Vattimo, G. Bornheim, A. Manguel, B. Freitag, G. López Morales, J.-G. Bidima, M. Aymard, M. del Corral, M. Hamashita, R. Argullol, M. Maffesoli. - Foreword by Eduardo Portella. - Paris: UNESCO Publishing, 2001 - ISBN 92-3-103800-1 - 188 pages - 21,34 Euros
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