Since 1972, the National Museum of Yaounde belongs to the Department of Cultural Conservation of the Cultural Affairs Head Office. This museum is the center of all public museums of Cameroon. At this time, it is located in a former ministerial residence on the road leading to the Yaounde Central Hospital close to the Ministry of Public Service and National Education. There is no doubt that one day it will be located in a more suitable area corresponding to its prestige just like other similar institutions around the world.

The building was first occupied by the museum in 1973, which was as well the year of the constitution of the collections. The forrner sitting room has been turned into a permanent exhibition hall. The actual glass-cabinets were placed in position with the personal and financial help of Mrs. JOUDIOU, graduate of the Paris Art and Archeology Institute, and of M. M. Joseph-Marie ESSOMBA, Senior lecturer in History and Archeology, at this time Chief-Assistant to the Conservation, and Bernard-Patrick AYUK, Chief Department of the Conservation.

Also, the National Museum of Yaounde will become an ecological museum so that future generations can find all the socio-cultural acitivities of the country in it.