Methods of evaluation to determine the preservation needs in libraries and archives: a RAMP study with guidelines

Table of contents (75 p.)

prepared by
George M. Cunha

Original : English
Paris, September 1988

General Information Programme and UNISIST

United Nations, Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

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CUNHA George M.

Methods of evaluation to determine the preservation needs in libraries and archives : a RAMP study / prepared by Georges M. Cunha [for the] General Information Programme and UNISIST. - Paris : Unesco, 1988. - 76 p ; 30 cm. (PGI-88/WS/16)

I - Title
II - Unesco, General Information Programme and UNISIST
III - Records and Archives Management Programme (RAMP)

Unesco, 1988



0. Introduction

1. The scope of the problem

1.1 The general condition of library and archives collections

2. Causes for the degradation of books and records

2.1 Chemical agents of destruction.
2.2 Biological agents
2.3 Physical factors
2.4 The effect of light
2.5 Housekeeping problems
2.6 Storage conditions

3. The essentials for long range conservation programs

3.1 Preventive conservation.

4. Getting started

4.1 Examining the building
4.2 The overall situation
4.3 The structure of the building
4.4 Inspecting the spaces in the building
4.5 The storage and exhibition rooms
4.6 The furnace and/or machinery rooms
4.7 Basement and attic storerooms.
4.8 Administrative spaces.
4.9 Utility rooms and closets.

5. Determining the physical condition of the materials in the collections

5.1 Appearance
5.2 Wear and tear
5.3 Soil and surface dirt
5.4 Stains
5.5 Acid damage
5.6 Oxidation
5.7 Biological damage
5.8 Damage by light
5.9 Water damage

6 Preparing a survey report

6.1 Analysis of the collected data and determination of the preservation needs
6.2 The building.

7 The spaces in the building

7.1 Housekeeping
7.2 Illumination
7.3 Temperature control
7.4 Humidity control
7.5 Security in the individual spaces
7.6 Water risks.
7.7 Insect and rodent control
7.8 Control of mould growth
7.9 Control of light to minimize photochemical effect

8 Recommendations for the treatment needed by books and documents

8.1 Soiled and stained books and documents
8.2 Worn and torn books and documents
8.3 Acid damage
8.4 Mould damage
8.5 Insect damage
8.6 Rodent damage
8.7 Water damage
8.8 Photochemical damage

9 Bibliography

10 Annex : Useful forms for recording conservation survey data

Survey form A : The building
Survey form B1 : Conditions in the interior spaces
Survey form B2 : Additional data for storage and exhibition rooms.
Survey form C1 : The condition of collections
Survey form C2 : Single book and document condition report