The archival appraisal of records containing personal information: A RAMP study with guidelines

Table of contents (99 p.)

prepared by
Terry Cook

Original: English
Paris, April 1991

General Information Programme and UNISIST

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

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Cook, Terry

The archival appraisal of records containing personal information: A RAMP study with guidelines / prepared by Terry Cook [for the] General Information Programme and UNISIST. - Paris, UNESCO, 1991. 99 p., 30 cm. - (PGI-91/WS/3)

I - Title
II - UNESCO. General Information Programme and UNISIST
III - Records and Archives Management Programme (RAMP)

UNESCO, 1991




1. Introduction

The value of personal information records
Problems with personal information records
Appraisal: no easy answers
Purpose of this study
Limitations of this study

2. Records containing personal information: definitions, characteristics, and special categories

Archival terminology used in this study
Personal information defined
Characteristics of personal information records
Special category: essential personal information records that must be preserved permanently
Special category: the appraisal of personnel records of government employees
Special category: the "'politics of appraisal," genealogy, and informational value

3. A theoretical model

The failure of "traditional" archival appraisal
Appraisal: from the physical to the conceptual
Towards a model: appraisal and societal dynamics
An appraisal model for the citizen-state interaction

4. Appraisal methodologies, criteria, and options

The comprehensive appraisal method
Appraising case files: general working rules
Appraising case files: specific criteria
Appraising case files: practical and preservation issues
Appraisal Options
Sampling: a summary profile

5. Guidelines

Appendix: Appraisal considerations, FBI project

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