Manuals and textbooks of archives administration and records management: a RAMP study

Table of contents (52 p.)

Pirkko Rastas

General Information Programme and UNISIST

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

Original: English
Paris, July 1992

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PASTAS, Pirkko - Manuals and textbooks of archives administrations and records management : a RAMP study/prepared by Pirkko Rastas [for the] General Information Programme and UNISIST. - Paris: UNESCO, 1992. - iv, 52 p., 30 cm.-(PGI-92/WS/11).

I - Title
II - UNESCO. General Information Programme and UNISIST
III - Records and Archives Management Programme (RAMP)

UNESCO, 1992




1. The goal of the study

2. Target groups of archival training

2.1 Different levels of the profession
2.2 Categories of archival personnel
2.3 Archivists in different types of archives
2.4 Training of users

3. Different types of manuals and textbooks

4. Criteria for textbooks and manuals, their usability and contents

5. History of the classic manuals and reference books of the development of archival theory and principles.

6. Manuals and textbooks available for archival training

7 The archives reader as a supplement to manuals and textbooks

8. Contents of the manuals and textbooks

8.1. The history of archives and basic archival principles
8.2. Archives in different countries and differences in archival practice
8.3. Records management
8.4. Management of non-current records, records centres
8.5. Archives administration
8.6. Archives in a national information policy
8.7. New trends in research
8.8. Archival terminology

Reports and other contributions used in this study - Annotated bibliography

1. General manuals
2. Terminology
3. Archival theory
4. Legislation and organisation
5. Archives administration
6. Conservation and restoration
7. Archives services
8. Special types of records
9. New techniques
10. Archival training