Revival of the National and University
Library Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo
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During the night of 25 August 1992, the National and University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina was intentionally destroyed by gunners occupying the hills surrounding the city of Sarajevo. The fire ignited by grenades completely destroyed the historical library building and most of its collections amounting to several thousands of volumes.  
Among the most valuable parts of the various library collections were approximately 700 manuscripts and incunabula and a unique collection of Bosniaca and Bosnian serial publications dating from the middle of the 19th century to the destruction of the Library.  
Less than 10 % of the precious collections were saved. The greatest loss is the destruction of approximately 600 titles of Bosnian periodicals. The destruction of the central catalogues of the Library will have most negative consequences on the reconstitution of the collections.  


UNESCO has been given by the General Conference (Resolution 4.8) the mandate by the international community to assist in the restoration of the National and University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 


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21 January 1997