Communication, Information and Informatics Sector
World Communication and Information Report 1999-2000

The Report 

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Part one

Information and communication technologies and social processes:

Chapter 1 [115 KB]

Human development

C. J. Hamelink

Chapter 2 [76 KB]

New directions in education

C. Blurton

Chapter 3 [59 KB]

Cultural production and cultural pluralism

B. Miège

Chapter 4 [52 KB]

Freedom of the media

J.-P. Marthoz

Chapter 5 [50 KB]

Public service broadcasting

A. Wessberg

Chapter 6 [54 KB]

Impact on the media

C. S. Yoon

Chapter 7 [56 KB]

Information services, libraries and archives

O. Harbo

Chapter 8 [70 KB]

Governing information and communication technologies

J. Thomas, G. Grainger and K. Koomen

Part two

Evolution of information and communication technologies:

Chapter 9 [46 KB]

Two years of technological progress and innovation

N. Seshagiri

Chapter 10 [92 KB]

Multimedia: products and markets

J.-P. Lafrance

Chapter 11 [40 KB]

Evolution of the Internet

R. E. Kahn

Part three

Information and communication technologies throughout the word:

Chapter 12 [150 KB]

A worldwide view

V. Anashin

Chapter 13 [113 KB]

Sub-Saharan Africa

M. Jensen

Chapter 14 [58 KB]

Arab countries

A. M. Hallouda and A. Ghonaimy

Chapter 15 [74 KB]

Asia and the Pacific

G. Long and M. Ng Lee Hoon

Chapter 16 [76 KB]

Eastern and Central Europe

K. Jakubowicz

Chapter 17 [265 KB]

Latin America and the Caribbean

N. Callaos

Chapter 18 [197 KB]

Western Europe and North America

B. Konert